As marketing specialists we invent and create refreshing, attainable strategies and goal-oriented marketing plans to successfully market your product, brand or organisation. We're hands-on and like to be pro-active in joining knowledge with experience and creativity. Together we aim for optimal results.

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Since 2008 Concept Factory represents hands-on marketing. Concept Factory is all about hands-on marketing. We will support you actively with product development, marketing and communication tools to make your plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables thrive in the current market.

We research branch, trade and marketing developments, consumer preferences and actual trends. Based on a sharp analysis of the facts, we position a clear and goal-orientated marketing strategy. Our concepts deliver more than attractive logos, pictures and packaging. We also aim for the right product-marketing combinations, process innovations and chain partners to optimize your results. With reliable input and to-the-point suggestions we help you to get started and get it done.

What we do

Marketing strategy

Whatever you want to achieve, you can only start somewhere if you know where you want to go. We help you on your way!

In five steps, we provide you with a strong base with which you can move forward for years to come.

Brand and product development

With insight into the market, consumers and knowledge of trends, we help you develop a future-proof brand or an innovative product that allows your business to grow.

Creation & realisation

Looking for a contemporary presentation of your product or company? Whether offline or online, we are happy to help you! From eye-catching photography and video productions, catchy texts to sparkling (trade fair) presentations and distinctive design of your communication tools and products.

PR & Communication

What we do is communicating your message to consumers or business-to-business (B2B). With powerful content in a catchy form, through the right channels, both online and offline.


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Since the establishment of Concept Factory (2008), we know better than anyone that you make success, together. Success is teamwork. We make the most of each other's expertise, that of our network in creative hub ‘De Gruyter Fabriek’, and of all our connections inside and outside the horticultural sector, both national and international. Concept Factory is about getting results and getting things done. Clients acknowledge these values which leads to long term business relationships. That's how we roll.

How we do it

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What we offer

Are you working on product development for the new season? Are you looking for that one special photo? Or do you have no inspiration, while you still have to make that one social media post? You can start using our services today.

Kickstart Trends

The future is created today

Twice a year we inspire you - together with 3House Productions - with the latest home and decoration trends in our interactive webinar 'Kickstart Trends'; the handy trend session for everyone in horticulture. We zoom in on the home and deco trends and provide practical tools for product and concept development. In a two-hour live session, we deal with four trend themes; from overarching developments to patterns, materials, colours and applications. You can get straight to work with the trends, thanks to the Kickstart Trends Toolbox full of mood boards, material inspiration and colour swatches.

Did you mis the webinar? Or are you looking for a customised solution, an inspiring lecture or workshop for your company. Please contact us.

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Media database

You get the most beautiful pictures

We have an archive of more than 1,000,000 files from our projects. A dream of every communication department; because a large part of this photography is freely accessible, also for you.

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Social media content

Receive high-profile posts in your mailbox every month.

Are you looking for original texts and high-profile images? We are your source of inspiration! Sign up and you will receive ready-made flower and plant posts every month for all your social media channels, digital newsletter or website!

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Easy access

Concept Factory is based at creative company hub ‘De Gruyter Fabriek’ bringing extra dynamics to our hands-on marketing mentality. Whether you’re coming from Aalsmeer, Amsterdam Airport, Antwerp or Essen, within an hour by car you're having great coffee in our office. And you're welcome to get some work done here too.

Kade MOur office is called Kade M; it's an open, active and creative workspace. Various talents and professionals linked to fresh produce, green and growing work together in one spot. We operate individually but also together to find new solutions. This is how we offer added value, as green go-getters.


The hands-on marketing company for horticulture

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